Ric Colbeck Discography

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Obscure British trumpet player.

Noah Howard Noah Howard Quartet
ESP 1031

recorded February 26, 1966: New York, NY
Colbeck, Ric (tr), Grant, David (perc drm), Holt, Scotty (ab), Howard, Noah (as)

1) Henry's Street NHoward 7:20
2) Apotheosis NHoward 6:51
3) Apotheosis Extension 1 NHoward 8:17
4) And About Love NHoward 7:07

Noah Howard At Judson Hall
ESP 1064

recorded October 19 1966: Judson Hall, New York, NY
Burrell, Dave (ap), Colbeck, Ric (tr), Howard, Noah (as), Jones, Norris Sirone (ab), Kapp, Bobby (drm), Norris, Cathy (cell)

1) This Place Called Earth NHoward 18:19
2) Homage to Coltrane NHoward 19:01

Ric Colbeck Unissued Session
Unissued Pixie

recorded November 23, 1966: Hunter College, New York, NY (possibly October 4, 1966)
Colbeck, Ric (tr), Freedman, Joel (cell), Jones, Norris Sirone (ab), Lancaster, Byard (as bcl fl), Maupin, Bennie (ts),
Murray, Sunny (drm), Sharrock, Sonny (eg)

[Information on this session was obtained from the Sunny Murray Discography]

Dave Burrell La Vie de Boheme
BYG 529 330

recorded December 21, 1969: Studio Saravah, paris, France
Burrell, Dave (ap harp), Burrell, Eleanor (voc), Colbeck, Ric (tr), Delcloo, Claude (drm), Guérin, Beb (ab), Moncur III, Grachan (trom), Terroade, Kenneth (ts fl)

1) First Act GPuccini 20:00
2) Second Act (1st Part) GPuccini 5:00
3) Second Act (2nd Part) GPuccini 12:00
4) Third Act GPuccini 5:15
5) Fourth Act GPuccini 7:45

Ric Colbeck The Sun is Coming Up
Fontana 6383 001

recorded January 19-20, 1970: Chalk Farm Studios, London, England
Colbeck, Ric (tr), Jenny-Clarke, Jean-Francois (ab), Lissack, Selwyn (drm), Osborne, Mike (as)

1) Aphrodite RColbeck
2) Subdued RColbeck
3) The Sun is Coming Up RColbeck
4) Lowlands RColbeck

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